Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Features

The Eleven Plus Exams VLE is designed for success in selective school entrance exams. The content is written by experienced teachers from our own tuition centre and is updated regularly.

The VLE provides a comprehensive root and branch foundation that is ideal for building confidence in the entirety of the 11+ syllabus.


  • Over 20,000 questions, answers and full explanations (11,500+ targeting Year 4 preparation, and 12,000+ targeting Year 5 preparation)
  • 240+ topics/sub-topics
  • 4 subjects tested in the 11+: English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Multiple Choice, Standard and Cloze question styles
  • Explanatory topic videos
  • Cohort analytic reports
  • Vocabulary tool
  • Virtual trophies for effort and competence
  • Tailored Year 4 and Year 5 courses
  • Integrated online 11+ mock exams available

The platform allows children to learn new topics and sub-topics before they attempt assessments, through our tailored topic videos and worked examples that provide straightforward explanations to new ideas.

Our courses are tailored towards year groups, allowing you to take control of your 11+ journey. Many parents begin their 11+ preparation between 18 months and 2 years ahead of the actual exam. It is vital to have access to age appropriate material for each step of this process. Our Year 4 course is designed to introduce children aged 7-8 to 11+ maths, English and reasoning questions and will build their confidence and essential core skills in order to fully prepare them before they reach Year 5.

Children can revise and practise their new skills by tackling exam style questions in escalating levels of difficulty. Our extensive bank of varied question styles is designed to build the foundations of understanding in every topic and sub-topic.

Finally, children, tutors, parents and teachers can track all progress made on the platform. Individual test scores are automatically recorded and displayed so that performance on a subject, topic and sub-topic level can be viewed immediately.

This allows everyone who uses the platform the opportunity to analyse scores effectively and hone in on areas that require additional work, so that learning is optimised and tailored to an individual.

With affordable subscription, high quality content and all the necessary resources to excel in your 11+ journey – at Eleven Plus Exams, every child is able to head for success.

VLE Benefits

Unlimited access. The platform includes thousands of practice questions across all 11+ subjects and topics, including cloze and comprehension, that are available at any time for subscribers.

Highly structured learning. Tests are organised into topics and sub-topics and then split by difficulty level into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This enables children to build a solid foundation for their knowledge and core skills and to target specific areas for improvement.

Excellent revision tool. Our root and branch platform ensures that there are no knowledge gaps and is ideal for use as a revision tool to both learn the 11+ syllabus and to supplement home preparation or tuition.

More than testing. Every question on our platform is accompanied by an in depth explanation of the methods used to obtain its answer, as well as worked examples to help familiarise students with specific question styles. There are explanatory videos for each topic, to fully prepare students and supplement their assessments with revision material to ensure a full grasp of each topic and sub-topic.

Comprehensive and tailored material. Our content combines nearly two decades of practical tuition with the success of our exam preparation books (the First Past the Post® series) to provide a resource that is fully classroom tested and proven to ensure a child’s success. This spans all of the tested subjects across specific exam boards, including question styles beyond multiple choice. The 11+ syllabus is expertly broken down into precise topics and sub-topics to help guide children confidently through each course.

Innovative progress tracking. Children are rewarded with virtual trophies to mark effort as well as track their performance. Our unique Peer Compare functionality allows for a child’s progress to be anonymously compared with their cohort to establish relative performance across specific demographics and provide context for their scores.

In depth reports. Parents, tutors and teachers can also monitor their students’ progress and have full access to their student’s content. There is no need to waste time marking, analysing and processing student’s scores – keep track of performance effectively and directly to ensure a child’s learning is always at the fore.