About ElevenPlusExams

ElevenPlusExams was founded in August 2004 out of the frustration of a single parent trying to assist his son in navigating the maze of the 11 plus exams.

Every parent will come to understand that the 11 plus exam is quite unforgiving. Unlike GCSE, A-Levels and even degrees where re-sits are permitted, you only get one attempt at securing entry into your choice of grammar or independent selective school education for your child. Therefore, preparation is the key to success; and for the parent or guardian, ease of access to information on the 11 plus landscape, and good quality training material is paramount.

We began with the development of the UK’s largest free advisory website for 11+. Since our inception, our goal has been to revolutionise preparation for selective school entrance exams by demystifying the processes of admission and by shedding light on how best to revise, practise and learn for these types of tests.

Our Virtual Learning Environment or VLE is an online education platform, handcrafted by subject matter experts and our own in house teachers, and is the next step in “levelling the playing field” of 11+ preparation, by innovating the way in which young people can access and benefit from education material, regardless of background and prior experience.